Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am growing a mustache in support of Movember.

It's a beauty!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick mini recap from the Mustacheless Man

I shave my stache off this morning and I gotta say, I'm a bit depressed.

I did way too many of those Jager Bomb thingys and drank too many Buds way too early in the morning on the golf courses. 72 holes in 2 days takes it's toll.

First round - played well as I didn't crack my first beer until the 6th hole. I shot 74 going 2 under on the back as my inital buzz was in full effect.

Second round - shot 86. super drunk. I even tried (once again) to shot gun a beer and was (once again) unsuccessful. Dry heave on the 33rd hole of the day. LOL

Did I ever tell you that I can't burp?

Woke up on Saturday morning at 6am. The lack of sleep was comparable to a Vegas Trip. 12 homies with mustaches ripped it up for the cup for 72 holes. It was awesome.

Third round - 7:10 was the first time. shot 74 again. We were on the patio drinking and figuring out the final scramble teams by noon and were back on the course at 2:20.

Fourth round - I was teamed with the new guy. The rookie. The same rookie that took $20 off of me in three flips of the coin on Saturday night. Somewhere about the fourth hole of the tournament round I realized how much better I can play if I don't drink many (if not any) beers during a round. Noted.

Bryder was cut off and could not be served a drink at the bar. So we all had a shot in his honor. Bryder guarded that cup like it was his 16 month old son.

More later.

What a trip!!!

Pictures to follow once I meet up with Army. Anyone else that can send me pics to post would be appreciated.

Best Mustache: Nick

Winners of the Cup: Tuna and Dax.

I'm already thinking about next year!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The clock is ticking...

In about 48 hours we should be heading out onto the back 9 of round 2 at Loomis Trail. Some guys will be completely dead drunk by this time. I don't expect to be one of them, but I assure you that I will have downed plenty of cheap American beer by that point.

Cart golf is always a blast. If it is a gas cart it is even more fun if you know how to "tee the governor"... I know guys that have literally done 50 kms/hr in a gas cart. The thing hauls ass!! I've only ever seen two major cart accidents in my golfing career. One was when a buddy basically pulled a "ghost ride" and let it fly straight into a pond!

Not to be confused with this.

Disclaimer: if you get in an accident: don't blame me!

The second time I was actually in the passengers seat. We were flying down this hill and the driver took a quick turn to avoid another cart when we crashed into a curb instead. He broke the axle on the cart and had to cough up $600. I think his name rhymes with "Fallen Barns"... he's expecting twins and couldn't make the trip this year... and now that I think about it - he probably is screwed for the next 18 trips! Sorry buds!

If I could just find a Hawaiian shirt I would look like this guy.

How did he get away with it! Girls nowadays just find mustaches creepy (so I'm told).

I really wish I could rock a mustache all day every day... but this weekend will have to do for now.

So pumped!!! Who's with me!!???

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is your game taking shape just like your mustache?

With only one week to go, each competitor is busily grooming their mustache and ensuring their game is in tip top shape. Ineveitably, there will be those players who lacked the commitment and foresight to begin growing their masterpiece early enough to contend for the best mustache award. Others will be focused more on the golf and the off course activities which have always provided just as many laughs as the ridiculing of the mustache's themselves.

Go ahead, just grow with it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mustache Cup II Pictures

In no particular order:

Welcome Mustache Lovers!

A young man named Army set out on a journey to create a cup that could only be contended for by men with mustaches. Shortly after that "The Mustache Cup" was born.

We look forward to using this space to document our travels and reflect on some of the more historic moments throughout the past 3 years. We will identify past champions in both the team golf category and of course... the best mustache category!

The 2009 Mustache Cup IV is less than 2 weeks away. The boys are grooming their mustaches and working hard on their golf game.

This year's tournament takes place at The Semiahmoo Golf Resort where we will play 4 rounds in two days. The first three rounds are used to seed each player and determine what the final two man scramble teams will be. From there it will be an all out 18 hole battle to determine which team will hoist The Mustache Cup and have their names forever engraved on this extremely coveted trophy.

Good luck to all!!